An Introduction

paardebloemLgWe are born as unique beings who learn to adapt to given family surroundings
and the culture we grow up in. This consolidates in school where, through
peer bonding, we become adapted to the standardized school system.
Eventually, by the time we become adults, we don't know who we are as we have
abandoned our uniqueness in favor of an internalized homogenized reality.

Later, questions may arise for us -
What do we really need to know about life?
What can be trusted in life?
Why is life so confusing and difficult?
Why is relating so complex?
Why are we here?
Why can life feel so empty?
And so on...

Different cultures gave birth to different wisdom systems describing their
understandings of the mysteries of life. A lot of the original depth and meaning
of the ancient wisdom systems has been lost, especially in current times of evidence
based science. We talk now about aura, chakra's and divinity as imaginary concepts.
Their true meaning remains existential and now Human Design offers a mystical
breakthrough which clarifies and restores ancient wisdom in a modern context
and illuminates a new level of truth about human life.
Human Design opens up the potential for us for our human nature to be relieved
of conditioning and to live in harmony with our inner paradoxes.
We all have the capacity within to be touched by the mystery of who we are.

The next question which might arise -
What is required to bring this into our current lived reality?

Human Design is a system that uses the map represented in the individual bodygraph
to describe human nature in its differentiated uniqueness and potential.
In coming to know our own map, our inherent capacities, traits and vulnerabilities
surface along with a sense of our unique purpose in life. Through correct engagement
with what it represents, a re-alignment is set in motion that enable us to come home
to who we really are.