The experiment



Our inner paradoxes are illuminated by an accurate map that represents how we can resolve the relationship
between the distorted Self we ordinary live and the fulfilled Self of our true capacity.
A foundation reading is an initiation into working with these understandings.
We may be surprised by, feel confirmed in, or have curiosity around what arises.
We begin to have glimpses of who we actually are, while also seeing that we may not in fact
be just who we have been thinking we are. The reading (90/100min) gets recorded and one receives the bodygraph. Following readings (up to 60min) are for those who want to deepen the experiment with strategy and correct decision making.

Each bodygraph represents two poles of transformation, strategy and correct decision-making.
These are the basic principles of how we return to our completeness.
We all have inherent ability to live our uniqueness. Through preparedness to engage
with our internal guidance we give ourselves access to restoring the truth of who we are.
We have grown up to live in a world in which only mind is trusted.
Through Human Design we can return this trust to what is our complete living truth.
It is an invitation into a developmental process in which false elements are enabled to drop
away freeing us to be who we truly are.

The originator of this knowledge said:


                                   “I have taken you to only one place. It is the most heretical place you can be. 

                                               It is your own Authority. Understand how profound that is.".

                                                                                                                                      Ra Uru Hu