The Bodygraph


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The Human Design System uses place and time of birth to calculate the individual
map. What emerges is a differentiated design that is more unique than one's
own fingerprint.
The bodygraph can be viewed as a personal manual for living life as oneself.
The language that is used resonates with the pattern of its underlying mechanical
dynamics. As a science of differentiation, Human Design is an opportunity
to observe, test, and engage with experience. Only personal understanding can lead
to the awareness of the value of this knowledge within one's own life.


About type
projector zonder tekstThe four aura types are determined by how the energy hubs or centres in the bodygraph
are related. Each type is expressed through the aura that is the experiential ground
for how we meet life. The term aura, familiar to the new age movements, is the energy
sheath that extends from the body and is the way we connect with and are experienced
by the other. Embracing the workings of one's own aura and knowing about the aura
of the other opens up the potential to interact correctly and respectfully one with
another. The differentiation of the aura clarifies why each type has a specific way
to engage with the other. This is called STRATEGY.
Strategy is a surrender to the life of the body, rather then the life as seen
by the mind, and enables each type to live correctly.
Subtle communication occurs through intermingling of auras.
Strategy aligns us with our own unique frequency and therefore to living life correctly
manifestor zonder tekstin a way that realizes our unique potential.

While strategy is a cultivation of behaving according to one's uniqueness, correct
decision-making is a cultivation of unique self understanding. This cultivation is based
on trusting the guidance of one's reliable inner resources, called inner authority,
and enables a further surrender to the life of the body.

When growing up as we adapt to our surroundings and over time abandon our uniqueness,
we create an internal reality that represents how our minds have come to terms
with ordinary reality. This internal reality is called the Not-Self and it is who
we think we are. The Not-Self is the content of our inner voices trying to manage life
reflector zonder tekstas best it can.
Human Design shows through the bodygraph why and how conditioning occurs within each
one of us. What is reliable and trustworthy within us is the True-Self, the inner guide.
It helps us recognize that we can be freed from our minds dictating our lives.
We are both True-Self and Not-Self. Through the ability to discern what is true and what
not, we can learn to live in a healthy way, living out the truth of our inner paradoxes.

We can always rely on strategy and correct decision-making to bring us home to ourselves.