About me 


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My name is Rina Janssen. I am Dutch, certified as a Human Design analyst and am currently living in Ireland.
In 2007, I was introduced to Human Design and learned that I'm an emotional manifestor,
someone who is here to initiate and impact others. I still remember how stunned I was.
At that time it was definitely not how I perceived myself.

In my early twenties I signed up for my first Astrology course and also began my first experiences
with meditation practice. Eventually I found myself in India, part of a spiritual community
with Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, later known as Osho.
He gave me my spiritual name 'Punyo', meaning virtue.
'Virtue means to live in the moment, drop the past and peace will be your inner quality....'
These words resonate with the manifestor's signature of peace.
I had tried to find peace through all kinds of meditation practices. Eventually I gave up.RinsSmHDI
Human Design opened a new window with its emphasis on individual uniqueness
and I came to understand fully that I have value and a place in this world.
The longing for peace was a legitimate inner calling.
I found the courage to get involved, to slowly engage in the experiment, and to study
with a some great teachers.

Being in this process is tough, but nothing in my life has ever been so rewarding.
Every seed grows out of the soil and it grows well when the soil is right. Human Design
is for me just that. Embracing the experiment of strategy and correct decision-making
prepares the soil within so the seed of one's uniqueness can grow and come to flower. 

In the following article I share about my own journey during these last 10 years: Human Design - humbled by truth

I welcome you to the experiment and to help you prepare your inner soil for the experience of living your unique self.

With warm regards,